Can't edit Material

I am trying to apply material to this “Bee House” I am modeling, but I am running into a problem. When I apply to the face , I can edit it, resize or position it. But when I try to do the same on the “body”, texture does not appear in the right click context menu. What am I doing wrong? Bee House #1.skp (2.4 MB)

Make sure you only click once on the face or surface (you’ll see Face or Surface in Entity Info) to select it, and not twice which will select the edges as well.

Texture doesn’t appear on the R-click context menu unless you have a single face or surface selected.

And sometimes on your surface, I couldn’t get it to show Texture unless I had turned on View/Hidden Geometry first.

Start with the surface unselected and View/HiddenGeometry on. Then just R-click on the surface and Texture should appear. Seems repeatable - Hidden Geometry off, no Texture in menu. Hidden Geometry on, and only the surface selected (no edges), Texture in menu. always appears.

I thought briefly that immediately after I had turned Hidden Geometry off that I could sometimes get Texture to show. But I think I was just wrong.

PS. Just curious. Why are you modelling (or at least saving your model) with View/Axes off and an odd location for your geometry relative to the origin?

Ah, it makes more sense when I turn View/Axes on and reset to the original view.

Thanks John. I tried as you suggested and it worked fine. Many thanks again.