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Hi, I drew this a few years ago and now its built! i want to update it but have a lot of trouble with parts of it. tha main thing i have problems with is that the angle on the long side of the roof is different in reality… so i guess id like to change it but it is all grouped wierd… also i will have to modify the walls and is also goruped… any help would be very appreciated

BARNv2.skp (1.9 MB)

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There is not that much wrong with the grouping except that it is almost all on one level. It might be easier to manage if you grouped roof items together, wall items, windows, etc. You also have an enormous number of layers. It isn’t clear why you would need so many.

If you just want to change the roof pitch, you could select (and/or group) all the rafter elements in one slope and then rotate about an appropriate point. Once you have done that, you would need to tidy up the intersection at the ridge. As you have made components, you only need amend one in each plane and all will be altered.

BTW, I am not sure this post is in the right place. May affect how many answers you get.

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I’d concur with @simoncbevans. Almost every object that gets repeated multiple times should be a component, not a group, and you’ve got a mix of both. You might consider making one whole frame a component and repeating it down the length of the building. Edit the original once and all the others follow.

Nice shipping containers. The shipping containers themselves should be groups or components themselves composed of smaller groups and components as opposed to all those layers devoted to parts of the container. Open and closed versions of doors, however, are useful.

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