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Just downloaded the trial version of pro 2018. Is there any straight forward tutorials, without the fluff and story telling?

All I’ve tried to do is create a rectangle and enter in the dimensions. What I’ve gotten is a shrunken box after I hit enter. Not sure why it shrinks it from full size down to 1/10 of what it was.

I’m trying to figure out if this program is for me. For this particular drawing, I’m trying to do an over head, and a cabinet drawing. But if it’s this difficult to just get dimensions, what can I expect further down the line?



SketchUp getting started series - part 1

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It is for you. The example problem you hit might be where you typed 10,10, and suddenly the thing you wanted to be 10 feet by 10 feet is 10 mm by 10mm. In any document type 10,10 will be in the units of the document, but you can give it extra hints. For example, typing 10’,10’ will make it be a 10 feet square, no matter what the units are for the document.

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I added the foot marker (’) and that was the result I’ve been getting.



Allowed me to draw a box. Zero help on basic functions, unless I wanted to draw what was in the video.



Perhaps the resize you are doing is actually working fine. The size of everything you see on the screen is relative to how far out you are zoomed, and resizing an object does not move the camera. If you are using the sequence for resizing a rectangle that @colin suggested then you are resizing the rectangle to your requested dimension, perhaps the initial arbitrary rectangle that you drew was actually quite large. Example: If you drag a rectangle that is 800’ x 800’ on your screen that more or less fills the window, then resize it to 10’x10’ it will shrink quite a bit. But as the camera does not move, the object just appears to get smaller on your screen. This can be particularly easy to do with the very first thing you draw as the a screen with only the axis on it gives you no reference for how big things are. A useful tool here is the Zoom Extents button which resets your zoom either in or out to fill the current window with your model in the center.