Pro '23 Sketchup Initial Drawing Scale Huge

I’ve upgraded to Pro '23 Sketchup, but when I try to draw anything, even a simple rectangle, the dimensions starts at like 50,000" x 50, 000". I need 170x 96. I can’t zoom in enough to see a rectangle that small, it just disappears.
Is there an initial scale setting or something that I can’t see to find. thanks!

To help achieve your goals, some time spent at the SketchUp Campus and at the SketchUp - YouTube channel will be very worthwhile. Both sites are from the SketchUp team. On the YouTube channel, pay attention to the Square One Series and Level UP series. They cover the basics for each tool.

No, there isn’t. Just draw the rectangle and type your desired measurements, hit enter and the rectangle will be those measurements. If you can’t see it after that click zoom extents…

That isn’t working either. I can draw a rectangle thats 170 x96" but i can’t see it until I put a huge rectangle behind it, that’s 1000’s of inches by 1000’s". I’ve used SU for years now, never had this issue, definitely no pro haha

Thanks, but doesn’t seem to be a basic tools issue. I’ve used SU for years, just never had this issue and by no means a pro, but I have the basics for the furniture and small construction issues I use this for.

What happens if you hit Zoom Extents after drawing that 170x96 rectangle?

Do that and save the file. Then upload it so we can see what you are looking at.

Just open one of your old files with a “good scale” :slight_smile: purge everything and save it as gefault template. Restart.

Are you using your own template or one of the standard ones? Try starting with the default empty template. The template you are using might contain some unwanted large geometry.

all my ‘good scale’ is done in Pro '22, this is happening in Pro '23.

I am using my own, so it prints with my logo watermark. Worked fine in Pro 22, I don’t know if I can transport the template from 22 to 23? But I’ll try a standard template right now. thanks

Thanks Anssi and everyone who responded. Turns out, I created a default template with my logo watermarked in background, but I chose a wrong starting template, so it was set for larger constructions. I’m just making furniture, not whole buildings haha.