Constraining a dynamic component

I have a set of building parts/components I’ve used with RailClone for Max, and I want to tranform them to dynamic components for use in SketchUp. I follow the help documentation but what it says will happen doesn’t happen. I want to constrain the side parts while the middle part changes lenX when scaled.
The documentation says to delete the value, type =(new value) and press tab to accept. The contrained value will appear in black.
Mine appears #=300cm in bright red and nothing is contrained in the component when I pull it in from the components panel and scale it.
I’m using SU2019. File is attached.

Any help is appreciated.
07_Glassdor.skp (1.5 MB) .

Don’t type the unit in, just type “=300” not “=300cm” with the unit set to cm.
07_Glassdor_gm.skp (1.5 MB)
I added an X formula for the middle and end sections (07_Glassdorblad_b and 07_Glassdor_karm_c).

Well Yes; the challenge is keeping the DC IN CONTEXT with the other Sub-Components (also referred to as “Nested Components”).

This means that the Sub-Compos have relationship between THEIR origins and those on the rest of the DC.

Pretty Evident you’re going to want to learn how to REFERENCE Size and Position between sub components. I can suggest looking up some of the very good DC Tutorials online. Not an insurmountable Learning Curve but an “LC” nonetheless.

On the enclosed SKP I DID NOT address scaling on the Vertical Axis because that itself entails a whole other level-of-detail that must happen in making many more sub-components within the components addressed on the example attached.

You’re also going to confront a more advanced challenge with textures to SCALE properly. Perhaps we can address that condition after mastering DC’s.

200402 07_Glassdor.skp (1.4 MB)

Thank you for the swift reply. I guess you use 2020, because I could not open your file, but I think I figured out what you did with X to position the parts at the right spot. Now it works.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you.
I would appreciate if you could tell me how to make the textures scale properly. (Or rather - not scale. :wink: )

Check this one out:

Trick is to create a nested-Compo called the “swatch” and Fix its size so that it does NOT re-scale with the rest of the DC. Then Reference the Material from the “swatch” on the other DC elements as needed.

Best Luck.

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Thank you.
I’ll look into it when I need to; for my use now it seems sufficient to keep the wall part over the door as “raw geometry” which doesn’t scale the texture.