Constraining the attribute value of a dynamic component

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I’m currently creating a shaker profile drawer front as a dynamic component. I have created it in various sub- components with a parent component. E.g 2 x stiles and 2 x rails and 1 x face= parent component drawer front!

The reason I have created it this way as I would like to be able constrain the width of the stiles and rails to remain at 20mm wide when the drawer front overall size is increased or decreased.

I have followed the steps from SketchUp help center exactly and it doesn’t appear to be working… In that the value goes back to be greyed/faded once I have overwritten the value. The steps explain that once you go into an attribute value, erase it and type a value it will become black. This signifies the value is now constrained… but mine just keep going back to grey… I’m wondering where I am going wrong?

Heres the link to the steps I’m following…Constraining attributes of a Dynamic Component | SketchUp Help

To create my drawer front parent I created

2 x side rail components
1 x top rail component
1 x bottom rail component
1 x face component

then highlighted them all and created another component to create the parent.

use =

leny =2

could you post the component

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Thats the key. You need to put in the “=” followed by a value or expression.

Thanks pcmoor