Constant Slope for Connected Edges that form a Curve

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get the following connected edges to have a constant slope from start to finish. The idea would be to keep the same X and Y values for each edge endpoint and shift these endpoints up or down on the Z axis, so the gradient is the same for each.

The only endpoints of edges that should be kept in place are the endpoints of the selection.

The edges aren’t necessarily a curve or a polyline, they are just connected to each other in a continuous curve like fashion.

In the following gif you can see Edgetools2 plugin by @thomthom doing almost what I want same thing but, instead of enforcing the same gradient for each edge, it forces every edge to be coplanar (if you’d draw an edge that would connect the curve’s endpoints it would generate a face)

Constant Slope for Selected Edges

Can anyone help me figuring out how to do this?

Do you know of any plugin that can do it?

The only plugin I know that is able to enforce edges to have a constant slope is Curvishear, from @Fredo6 , however Curvishear generates a new curve based on an original. If the original is flat it works. What I want to do, though, is change the current selected edges position and adjust connected geometry.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried Curviloft?

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Thanks for you input @mihai.s That’s what I’m using for the surface generation. Unfortunately I want to be able to adjust not only the centre curve, but also the limits of the surface. In fact I want to be able to tweak all these curves:

I have a maximum slope percentage by regulations, so I have to double check each curve and, sometimes, push it to the limit.

The only way I can do it accurately is by using curviloft on the horizontal projection of each curve, rebuilding it, scaling it up and down placing it on the spot, so I can finally redo the surface using curviloft.

What I want to do is modify the curve after it has been generated as I can do with Edgetools 2, but with a constant slope.