Align points/vertices to edge

Afternoon everyone! Wondering if I’ve missed a plugin somewhere along the line that can easily do what I’m about to describe (and hopefully help me solve both problems at the same time). I have a terrain model that has a handful of dips in places I don’t want them, as well as some retaining walls where I need to split terrain. My usual process for straightening out bumps is normally to use the smoove tool in sandbox, or adjust the vertices manually. But this is becoming horribly tedious, especially for large models. Is there a way to align vertices to a plane or edge that matches the slope I want?

I have this same sort of question for dealing with retaining walls. I usually erase the faces where the retaining wall is, and then align the vertices around the retaining wall as needed. But as the first part above, this is getting really tedious to adjust every point manually. Again, is there a way I can align vertices to an edge or plane that has a slope?

Thanks everyone!

With vertex tools you can select those vertices scale them to 0 on the z axis and it will flatten them.


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You are my savior friend - THANK YOU.

You’re welcome!

And if you want to arrange the terrain along that line (with Artisan extension)

If you have Artisan 2, you can try using Grade Brush.

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I will definitely check this one out as well. Thank you again!