Connecting two separate objectsI


I have two separate objects that i want to combine into one. There is enough surface area where i want them to connect so as not to interfere with the operation of the two pieces.


You’ll need to provide a bit more information to get a complete answer. An image at the very least so we can see what you are wanting to do. The model itself would be even better.
What is you are wanting to combine and how. Is it raw geometry or two components or complete models of multiple sections? We can only guess. Is it a banana and a chicken or a block and a sphere…?


if we are combining two objects, I would prefer banana and a chicken.


Banana Chicken!!!


A chicken banana must taste a lot better than a block and a sphere. It’s important to note that the OP has yet to respond to the original advice offered.


lol, ugh I will take a screen shot and attach, will that help?


Here are the two components. It is literally my first day of ever doing
this and or using software like this so take it easy on me

On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 3:49 PM, Michael Taylor


I am still not entirely clear on exactly how you want to combine the objects, but I suggest grouping them and then moving them into their relative positions. I think submitting the model rather than the graphic screenshot will generate more reliable responses.


i want the big circle and the little rectangle to be one piece

On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 5:52 PM, jvleearchitects


That should do it…


Thank you

On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 8:19 PM, jvleearchitects


You should combine the shapes while they’re still 2D outlines. Much easier that way.



Nice, Double thanks you


Hummm will try this on my 4 leaf clover and then use push pull to bring to the right height for my 3 D printer


Aha. I must confess I didn’t exactly follow your description of your four-leaf clover issue, but I’m glad this approach helps.

(You know, if you’d like to resurrect your clover question, we could certainly do that–except we would want a very clear description of the clover and the problem, and maybe a picture. I’m sure that once we understood your issue we could point you in the right direction.)



It is already up there some place . . and I found a template for 3D printers either inch or mm in sizes . . The only problem I might have is the tapered stem like a rectangle just one end smaller where it connects to leaves . . But here is the screen I added

Maybe use small triangles from stem to circles not really made up my mind yet
This got redused by 97 % by Slic3r to fit my printer table haha was still like 200 by 140 by 35 MM way bigger then I wanted


Um, sorry, but that doesn’t look much like a four-leaf clover. For one thing, the lobes should be heart-shaped, not cylindrical. How about something like this?



Looks okay to me … . I was just throwing something together so see how it works and what t looked like on the printer before I did something . . Will be re doing it in the template for 3d Printers and setup the area first so I know I have a part which will fit and not need to be scaled down