Joining & Merging Shapes

Hey folks,

I’m new to SU and am learning the software OTJ (“on the job”). I have a question about merging some building shapes (wings to a building). I figured it would be easier to build the building in SU a piece at a time. Now I have to put them all together, but I’m not clear how.

In some of these, there will be interior dividing walls. And in some, 'not.

I Googled this, and see a lot of mention of Layout (great. 'Another program to learn?) Is there an easier way to do this? I’ve already got these “built” in SU.

Many thanks,
Melissa B

Did you make each section of the building into a group or component? If you did, explode them. If not, just select each part of the building and move it over to join the neighbor. When you grab it with the Move tool, grab it by a corner that will be moved to the neighboring corner and move it until the cursor snaps in place.


I know a little bit about groups/components. No, 'didn’t do that here.

Let me try what you suggest, and I’ll report in. Thanks!

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Hey Dave,

I DID IT! Your directions were SO easy. Thank you!.

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