Connecting contours to boundary - Sandbox


Is there a better way to align contours to a site boundary or with a walkway or something without tracing the contour around the whole boundary? I struggle with aligning contours when it meets a hard edge becasuuse if you just use the contour to where it hits the sidewalk, it just makes a ragged edge. Sometimes the sites are very large and it is a pain or nearly impossible to do this for a whole site. Is there a more efficient way to do this? It is also inaccurate because the contours don’t do that in real life (they do when meeting a sidewalk, but not the site boundary). I’m trying to draft my linework in CAD properly and bring it into SKP in order to “draw from contours” There are also a lot of jagged edges in this that I know Sketchup won’t like when generating contours. Is it better to just retrace them all in this case? It is conceptual for a rendering so they don’t have to be super accurate. .

Maybe you can use “simplify” and smoothing routines in CAD before importing contours. That’s what I do with survey contours that are overly segmented.

As for aligning to sidewalks etc. I’m afraid I don’t understand the question or that particular workflow.

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