Contours on residential site

Good Morning, I need help with using Sandbox for site contours. My Site Plan has existing contours, demo contours, and new contours. I have the residence placed in the Site Plan at the correct elevation. My contour lines are all placed at the correct elevation. When I turn off the demo contours, the existing and new contours stop in space, like against retaining walls and the residence. Is this going to affect the rendering of the contours? To me…this is a mess. Thanks in advance for your help!!! Scott

You should post the model to fully illustrate what you are encountering. That way other users would be better able to offer assistance.

If the skp file is < or = 3mb upload by clicking the 7th icon from the left at the top of the reply box (up arrow above a horizontal bar). If the file is larger than 3mb, upload it to a file sharing service such as Google Drive or Dropbox and post the url link here.

Sorry for the delayed response…I was able to figure this out on my own with many trials and errors. Thanks for looking at the post…CHEERS!!!

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