[Sandbox Tools] Not connecting to correct edges using From Contours

My contours are correct, and should be showing what is a retaining wall, however when I use the “from contour” tool, it connects incorrectly. Does anybody have any luck with this?

Thank you!

Can you share your contour model so we can have a look at what is happening?


I think the Retaining Wall is the problem, if it has been surveyed correctly to generate the original contours, these contours will be very tight and bunched together along the vertical face of the wall. If the wall is indeed vertical and the top+bottom have been surveyed, all the points along the top of the wall and those along the toe will have the same corresponding XY values (or very similar) but different Z values. I think this causes the Sandbox algorithms confusion when interpolating the new surface ie the same point in plan has 2 heightsRetaining Wall.avi (2.7 MB)
. Short of creating 2 surfaces, one for the ground above the retaining wall and another for the ground at the lower level, I can’t think of another solution right now.

Homestead 1602.skp (769.1 KB)
Here is the model, Thank you!

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