Issues with Terrain Modelling

Hi, Noobie here.

I have a model here (attached), where I have made a terrain from an exported pdf survey plan. When I create the terrain, either the terrain has snipped off some of the corners of my property boundary or has created terrain outside my property boundary. Please view the attached model.

How do I get the terrain to encompass 100% to the property boundary. I am sure there is a simple answer.

Many thanks.

KerryLot 129 Chandon Place, Yarrawonga.skp (651.3 KB)

Put a short edge at the correct elevation at each of your corner points and include them in the selection set, otherwise the sandbox from contours tool will skip the corners. It has no way of guessing that the space between the endpoints of two contour lines should include more than a straight jump from one to the other. The tool will also create extraneous terrain in places where your boundaries curve inwards. These can be erased by turning on Show Hidden Geometry and editing the terrain mesh.


Hi Anssi, could I please ask you to give me an example of exactly what you mean about “a short edge at the correct elevation”? Perhaps just a screen shot? I just want to get it right from the start.

Thank you very much.

Anssi, I ended up redrawing the contours outside the property boundary, made the terrain, draped my property boundary onto the terrain, and then cropped out everything outside the boundary. Seems to have worked ok.

Thanks again.

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