Sandbox - different results on different axis

Can anyone please explain to me why I get different results when applying > Create Sandbox from Contours when the same contours are orientated different ways? Please see attached image.


Sandbox tools are designed to work on generally horizontal surfaces, not vertical ones.

What is it you actually want to achieve? There may be some other tool that is appropriate for the application.

I was afraid of that. Anyone know of any work-arounds? Besides rotating my entire drawings 90 degrees?

Thanks for you quick response!

What is it you actually want to do? Instead of trying to force the wrong tool to do it, maybe there is a correct tool for the job.

Exactly! Maybe there is a better tool! A good example of what I’m hoping to achieve is - maybe make a curb with a SINGLE visible face in order t0 keep my drawings from overloading with unwanted geometry.

You need to provide something more specific than that.

From that description, I would create a profile of the curb and use Follow Me to extrude it. Then I would delete the unneeded surfaces and edges leaving only the visible surface behind.

Sounds like you understand exactly what I’m trying to do. But let’s say, I’m dealing with a lot of curbs. I mean, a llllllllot or curbs.

Maybe you need to look at using an extension like Instant Road from Valli Architects.

Very Cool!