Computer hangs up trying to drape street group to terrain

I have a closed street group, a simple closed shape that I am trying to drape onto my site terrain. Sidewalks, tree locations, etc. have draped but this shape hangs up the computer and I have to force quit SketchUp. The Topography has a material assigned if that maters. The file is rather large (6.8) but I have let the wheel spin for 30 minutes with no result. The topography is triangulated and has faces intact. I’m kind of stuck. Any suggestions.

Link to the topography ? What is it’s resolution ?

Post a purged SKP just before the drape operation ?

Otherwise we can only guess that the terrain resolution is too high.

Thank you for your response, but, I can’t figure out how to “link to the topography" or check its resolution. More importantly, is there a way I can adjust the resolution once I figure out what it is and what it should be?

It should be a group or a component instance. You could export it as a standalone component file (which is a SKP file that can be opened separately.)

Either post it here if it is small enough, or the 3D Warehouse and post it’s link, or use some file sharing site like DropBox, etc.