Computer crashes or slow

I’m importing 3D trees from the 3D warehouse for a large forest. It slows or crashes the computer after only a few trees are imported, but there will be much more. What are the options for importing trees?

Use simpler trees.

Is your profile correct that you are using a computer with an integrated graphics card?

Update your forum profile then.

Using simple objects in SketchUp as proxies for Vray would definitely make more sense.

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thanks alot !! I have two computers with different specs using Sketchup, where is the profile updated?

Click on the J in the green circle at the top right corner of the forum page, thenthe person icon, Preferences>Profile. Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and save the changes.

… how ?

how do you bring more ressources from task manager to sketchup ? :thinking: I’m missing something ?


I brought up the 2nd option V-Ray, are there other ways to have a forest with 3D trees? Forest can be 100000 trees or more. In the other topic of “Definition scales” the trees still don’t match when using “Replacement selected” and then used “dynamic components” > “component attributes” to set the X length and Z length",

And I used “definition scales” forgot to include

IMO building a forest with 3D trees is impossible. What is the goal? Render background? I would use 3D trees only for very near objects, 2D face-me photo trees for medium distance and a suitable 360° HDRI image for background.


I put 2D objects (trees) in the middle ground and 3D in the foreground, as recommended, thanks alot. Another problem I’m having with 2D trees with “component replacement” in the default trey. Every time the new 2D tree is replaced with another in the model, the Scales are disproportionate between the same 2D tree before and after “Replace selected” is checked in the panel. I set it for 30’ height before “Replace selected”, and then shows up between 60’ to 90’ in the model. I clicked on “Definition Scales” still didn’t match, on the draw down menu. Then tried another tool in the same path “Dynamic components”, after right clicking on the component and then “component attributes” for setting the size. The components still are disproportionate.
It would be easier to see the problem if the uploaded file was checked directly. Two screenshots are uploaded for checking.