Compound curve

SketchUp Make, native tools, extrude edges by rails.
Trying to model the top petal type bit.
Struggling a bit to get the curve to go in the direction I want.
Any ideas please?


Draw an arc in the middle to guide the shape. But just draw only a half and mirror it after.


Thanks Mihai but not sure how that will work with extrude edges by rails?

In fact it’s really hard to takle that witt EEbR, you will get pinching in most cases due to uneven topology.
You better do this with SUb-d, with less polygons you can manage to achieve a better flowing shape, it’s easier to control and tweak it until you like it.

CompoundCurveSubDskp.skp (1.4 MB)

But it’s a relatively simple form, so panixia’s method, using Vertex Tools and SUbD, I also consider more efficient.

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Yeah of course, but if you smooth that, you will see some pinching in the middle, like if it is a leaf, which is not what you want.
With that metod is probably better to avoid the split in the middle, btw.

Thank you both. Sub-D is the sort of thing I can export and do in Blender.
I will play with the method shown by Mihai as I think this is the best solution for me.

Works a treat.

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A bit of Truebend and Radial Bend.


Thanks Box. I know Fredos tools are fantastic but I was trying to go with native tools and free plugins.
This was a request on a Model Railway forum where I push SU to all the non-believers and Fusion devotees. I try and show that the free version is still capable but there are paid plugins and upgrades available if someone wants to move on to the Pro version.


You could do both bends with Truebend, which is free.

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Here you go, no paid plugins. I used Fixit 101, which is a handy cleanup tool, just to remove the edges on the bottom face so I could pushpull it.

I’m only showing this as it allows you to go further with what you want rather than limiting you to simple curves.


To my eye the original part doesn’t have that extra few faces. So, you could probably use just some follow me, push pull and some intersecting.


You can do without plugins if you want, even in SketchUp for Web


There are so many ways to achieve the end result, it is hard to pick the best option. I will try them all and improve my SU skills.
Its a shame that you can only give one answer the “SOLUTION” tick when many do the job.
Thanks All.