Creating compound curves

I’ve attached the actual file (.skp pro 2017) along with a screenshot of the idea.

I’ve got the primary curve drawn and extruded. Now, I’m trying to create the compound curve on the bottom side of the part. On each end I’ve drawn an arc, which has been pushed in as far as possible. But, as expected, since I don’t know of a way to push along a t-spline, it went along a straight line and stops when the curve becomes too great.

I realize this isn’t the correct way of achieving the end result. but, it’s as close as I can come to illustrating what I’m after.

Anyone have any ideas on how to put this curve in to the part?compound_curve.skp (42.3 KB)

Is this what you are trying to achieve?

Or does the outside need to be rounded, too?

that’s exactly what I’m after! What technique did you use to do that?

[edit] i didn’t see the first pic you posted. either would work. The bottom one with both rounded looks nicer. If you could explain how you achieved each I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

I just used Follow Me. Selected the top edges on the inside curves, got the Follow Me tool, and clicked on the face under the arc. to make the outside curved surface, I used Offset on the arc at the end and then repeated the Follow Me operation.

You could also draw the shape of the end face as you want it and just the edge of the curve instead of making the entire shape as you did. Here’s a screen shot to show what I mean. Select the edges as shown, get Follow Me, click on the face.

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THANKS! I think I have it. I had a broken face at the end. But, it seemed easy enough to clean up.