Anticlastic Curves

Hi All,

I want to do some anticlastic curves but can only get the main curve set. When I go to model in the other curve that crosses the main curve, I cant seem to do anything other than straight lines. I can segment those off but all I get is a set of faceted triangles with 2 flat sides.

Is there a plug in etc that I can use?


Curviloft will do it as will Extrude Tools. Both from Sketchucation.

Original curves on the left, Curvilot in the middle, Extrude Edges by Rails from Extrude Tools on the right.

Cheers Dave R. Much appreciated.

Both look the same. Is there one option which is better than the other?

I have added a curve at the top now too.

What I want to model up is intended to be made from a bunch of vacuum curved ply so I don’t really need to do overly complex shapes, more organic.

Cheers again.

I don’t know that one is better than the other. For something like this they’ll generally do the same. I’d suggest getting both and trying them. Replacing the straight edge at the top with a curve is not an issue.

Champion - Cheers

Sorry DaveR,

I should have asked if you used the plugins to do the compound curve.


Or was this done using the standard Sketchup kitt?


I drew a Bezier curve using Fredo Spline. You could use a the native 2-Arc tool to.

Much appreciated. Cheers