Components randomly without thumbnail

I am using a bunch of SU components in SU 2017 free version.

Randomly the components are displayed in the component list as a white field. I see the name by holding mouse over. I can use the component just fine.

Is something causing this ? Or is it random, and a known bug I just have to accept ? Is there any way to recreate the component and hope to get a thumbnail ?

Below a sample of the component browser. Items blurred, but it is still clear there are “holes”. About 25%


Have you checked the Release Notes for later versions to see if this was fixed ?

You might directly open the component file, and “touch” it in some way (such as adding a guidepoint at it’s origin.)

Optionally, you can adjust the view to give the best thumbnail view.

Then open the Model Info dialog and go to the File panel.
Make sure that Redefine thumbnail on save is checked.

Then resave the file.

… Repeat as necessary.

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