Components not showing up in some views

I must be doing something daft here.

I have a 2D component of a bed that I am importing into a drawing. On the ground floor the component shows up as you would expect, glued to the floor surface. You can see it in any view. But on the first floor, it only shows up when you view at an angle. If you choose the First tab, which shows a 2D parallel plan, it disappears from view. Here are screenshots of what I mean and I am uploading the drawing too.

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

Inn.skp (8.5 MB)

It’s kind of a Z-fighting thing. Edit the components and move the geometry up by a couple of millimeters. It won’t be noticeable in the ISO or Perspective views but it’ll allow the geometry to show in the plan views.

Here I’ve moved the geometry up by 2mm.

I did think of that as a workaround but I thought I must have made a mistake. I’m used to Z fighting with surfaces but I wasn’t aware it could affect lines as well. But even if I explode the component, the lines remain invisible in 2D rendition.

The more I look at it the weirder it gets. Any 2D object drawn on the surface of that floor will disappear in plan view. But if I make another “floor” area away from this one but at the same level, I can draw on it whether it is a component or not and it shows up fine in all views. It’s like the floor I have within the drawing “eats” anything drawn on its surface! Unless I open the floor component first, apparently.


It’s weird, just like if your scene was bugged ! it may have something to do with 2019 version cause in 2018 if I orbit just a bit, it shows your 2D components just like you say ; then if I go back to plan view with the views toolbar it is still shown. I can then update your “first” tab or create a new one and it’s working fine again.
What happens if you do the same in 2019 ?