Components locked to center when scaling? How do I do this?!

I recently grabbed a simple table from the warehouse. It had 3 components - the base, the base column, and the table top. When I scaled the table top larger, the base column always remained locked to the center of the table top, regardless of the size. How do I do this?? I do not have an extensive knowledge when it comes to Sketchup, but I’m looking to learn to be able to use it in a work setting (we frequently use furniture in our models).

I think it will be to do with where the origin of the component has been set.

As Simon suggests, it would have to do with the location of the component axes and origin. You would want them centered. Personally I would also set the component’s origin at the floor and centered under the table to make it simple to place when dragging it into a model, too. Is this you downloaded a dynamic component or just a regular one?


Perfect! And I’m guessing you want to learn how to make similar Dynamic Components. You could use that table as a starting point. If you opene the component for editing you will be able to see where the table component’s origin and axes are located. Then open the top component and look at it’s origin and axes to compare. You can look at the Component Attributes panel to see how the various functions are created, too. That should give you a good start.