Dynamic Component Interactive Click not working with relative component Axes

I’m trying to animate a drawer that just moves along the X axis from the drawer components axis 10 inches. My component is not anywhere near the main origin located at 0,0,0 but it does have its own relative axis that I set at one of the corners.

When I enter a starting position of 0 sketchup ignores the relative component axis that purposely set, and chooses to just use the main origin for the calculations of moving 10 inches.

I don’t want to have to calculate the distance the drawer is from the main origin and then do all the math involved in figuring out how to add the number I want it to move.

How can I get Sketchup to just use the components relative axis in the calculations of the starting point when doing an OnClick ANIMATE(“X”,0,10)

Every tutorial has their components conveniently setup about the main origin, this does not work if out if the part is not at the main origin.

Thanks for any help!

Without seeing your model, I suspect that your drawer is a separate component - completely separate from the cabinet.

If this is the case, than make the drawer a component embedded within the cabinet component - that should make your On Click actions become relative to the cabinet, not the origin.