Components help

I got some doors from the 3d warehouse but how do I use it in my model it is open but it not in the components. And how do I make a component I clicked make component but it’s nor there I need help with both of these problems thanks

I’m new also but if you use sketchup make I guess you can not create components.

Download them from the 3dwarehouse through SU component browser then right click them and save as.

You would be wise to look through youtube for videos on how to use SU. They helped me a lot.

Make can create both groups and components.

As ChrisStewart says, watch those video tutorials!

To clarify a bit: Make can create both Groups and Components. What it can not do is create Dynamic Components, though it can use them if imported from, e.g. the 3D Warehouse.

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Components — More at SketchUp Video Tutorials

you can replace or swap the raw geometry, so select a DC with similar characteristics and replace the door. Best to select a simple DC which has a plain door without sub-components and their options.