Group first or just create components?

I am attempting to create my first dynamic component for a door that can let the user change the door width (within the standard door widths) and heights from a list. My question is should my subcomponents be made into groups first or should I just make them straight into components? Does it make a difference?

Making them groups first is a waste of time. Just make components from the get go.

It depends what you are doing and how large your project is. Components do eat up a bit more memory. They are preferred when you have multiple instances of a given object. But Groups are preferred if you have ten of thousands of objects and they are mostly unique.

But in the OP’s situation, where he is making a Dynamic Component, it doesn’t make sense to first create a group and then convert it to a component. If you’re going to make a component of something anyway, it is a waste of time and effort making a group first.

First of all - I make dynamic components from within Ruby all the time. Not everything you do needs to be a component. There are some down sides if you don’t want other instances to change.

Secondly - even if you are making DC’s directly from within Sketchup there are situations where you don’t want lots of objects showing up in the components tab when it is unnecessary.

There is valid reason why Sketchup created groups and components. So use them where they work for you - and never say never.


Well, I am creating doors for my house and most of the doors are different sizes (widths) I want them to be components so that I can make them able to open and close during a walkthrough. I want the dynamic components to be able to change widths for the different door locations and swing dire4ction for the different doors. But I need the doors to create the proper cutouts in the walls they are placed on and I am haing trouble getting the door component I have created to create a cutout in the wall. I think it might be because there is no bottom frame on the door so there is no loop created but I still have to do some more experimenting with the component I am building.

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