Components dosn't appear in CustlistPlus

Hi everyone!
I have a probleme whit my cutlistPlus ,every components is well import from my sketchup if i don’t give any attribute in the extended entity info. But if i give some information like the material type or the material name or the banding, the components appear missing when i try to imports it in my CutlisPlus. And also in both case, i can’t use the buttom Auto-map columns…
Any advices that can help me??

I’d start with asking the CutList Plus folks.

What are you using to export a file that can be imported into CutList Plus?

Can you share a sample SKP file that shows the issue and also your export file that you are sending to CutList Plus?

Here is my skp
not sure it’s ok for you…

C2638MeubleChaiseHaute.skp (292.0 KB)

And for the export, it’s creted me an cwx file and i can’t send this here… it’s not an authorized extensions…
by the way sorry for my English… i speak french!!

This is my version of cutlist plus bridge… not sure if it’s 4.1 or 4.2??


So you are using CutList Bridge 4? You should contact the author, @jpz directly for his help.

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