Components don't cut holes

Can someone tell me why I download objects, (doors), from 3d warehouse, select the component, edit, set to cut opening, it doesn’t cut the opening?
Thank You

We need to know more details about what you have to work with. Maybe a screen shot or something to look at. Do understand that without plugins (which applies to iPad), basic native SketchUp cutting components only cut one face, which doesn’t help much these days when people commonly model walls, etc as solids. There are plugins for desktop like FlexTools that can do that, but iPad doesn’t support plugins at all, so cutting in doors and windows on iPad is rather limited by just native tools.

Share a link to one of these doors. No all components are created to cut, so it really depends on the specific file you are looking at.

To cut an opening, a component has to have a set of coplanar edges that form a closed loop at the component’s red/green plane.

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