Component Waveform

With a nod to @Gabe for the inspiration, I made this shape from 144 identical components:


That’s really captivating me. Would you mind showing the individual component? I have a good idea of what it looks like but it’d be nice to see. Do the individual boards get wider as they get further from the center? As in do they fan out?

My brain got all twisted by trying to figure this out. So I must second gnebster’s question.

Here’s the model: waveform.skp (124.5 KB)

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This is memorizing. Good job, it’s really pleasant on the eyes.

Another variation using some 4,800 nested components:


Wow! I am really excited to see what you have done. And this is just the beginning of this type of work. I want to build these from wood and continue to get more abstract. Would you be able to walk us through how you are working think breaking down the math, etc…Is it heavily time consuming or have you just figured out ways to duplicate and play with the forms? Maybe we can work with you directly on design work, for pay of course. Send me an email if interested,

I’m heading out to my day job right now. But I’ll put together a video of how I did it when I get a chance.

@Gabe - Here’s a video that gives you an idea of how to make this.

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