Component Use Bug Splat


Hello, I am Andrew Trefethen, a newbie. I am using SU personally in a plan to remodel my son’s home which was built in the 1970’s. I’m going over the original blueprints and creating them in SU. It’s been a wonderful learning experience! I recently went to the 3D Warehouse and downloaded the casement library, which is an awesome resource for picking and choosing certain casement sizes to fit into walls to create windows. The title of each component in this library consists of feet and inches nomenclature, such as “1’5x 2’4 casement”. I thought I would go through and rename them to become inches only which would become “17x28 casement” in the example. I do this so my simple brain doesn’t have to make the conversion.
The problem came when I opened up my typinator app and created a new abbreviation and expansion. I received a “Bug Splat” and SU crashed. It was simple enough to start up again, but I noticed all of the component revisions I made were missing and now I need to start over again.

I’m using a MacBook Pro with OSX 10.11.3 and whatever graphics card comes with the model A1398.

My question is this: How do I save my work in progress when editing the component titles?


Did you add identifying and descriptive info then click to submit the Bug Splat to Trimble? They take Bug Splats seriously.

In the mean time, could you describe the exact process you were using to rename the components? That will allow others to see whether they can reproduce the splat, which will help isolate whether it involves interaction between SketchUp and typinator or is general to SketchUp even without keyboard helpers.

BTW, A1398 is a 15" MacBook Pro Retina, not 19". The EMC number is needed in addition to the A1398 to identify the specific year and configuration.


I’ve seen a number of things happen when I try to change the name of the component in various places, including the Outliner, the Name field in Component Attributes, and doubleclick/edit the title of the Component in the Component Attributes. Then I found changing the name in the Entity Information Tool. I’ve had the most consistent and predictable results with the Entity Information Tool. It changes the name in the Outliner, the Components tool, and the title of the Component in the Component Attributes box. It does NOT change the “Name” predefined attribute - which is, I think, there to allow you control of the name should you choose to have a Component Options box.

There are places in SU where special characters - sometimes including spaces - are not allowed. I’d suggest that you don’t even try to include special characters in any naming context EXCEPT the predefined Component Attribute “Name” value.

Not sure from your description if special characters might be related to your Bug Splats, but it might!


Hi slbaumgartner,

Thanks for your prompt reply! The model is a MacBook Pro A1398 EMC 2909.
The Exact ProcessI have included a image of the component browser here:
I would highlight the component in the list. Then I would move the cursor up to the top where the title is shown in its own field. I would edit the title there, then move to the description field and add the words “Window Casement”. Whereupon I would press enter. I repeated the process many times. Then I decided to use Typinator to automated the process of typing in “Window Casement” and pressing enter. It was during my focus on Typinator that I received the Bug Splat.

Being new to “Bug Splat”, I didn’t realize I could describe the results that led up to the bug splat. I simply entered in the the letters “wc” and pressed enter. It was later when I realized I could have put something in the description field. So, the good folks at SU have a bug splat with the letters “wc” in the description field.

Best Regards,

Andrew Trefethen


Try editing the name of the component in the Entity Info window instead.


I’m also getting splats on my Mac when I try to edit a component in a local collection using the Component window. @Barry: submitted them under my name.

@DaveR, won’t editing in the Entity Info window change the name of the In-model ComponentDefinition without affecting the original file?


His screenshot shows the In Model library open so I assumed that’s where the component resides with the name he’s trying to change. As I recall, you can’t change the name of a component that is in a local collection without first adding it to the model. Then edit the name and re-save it to the local collection.


Thanks, I’ll do that. Where do I go to read about what the “Entity Info” window is?


First thing I’d do is open the entity Info window and look at it. It’s pretty much self-explanatory. There’s a little icon in the upper right you can click on that will expand the window to show some additional settings. Select an entity to see what it shows you about it.

While you’re poking around in the windows, go to the Components window, set it In Model, select a component and choose Edit from above the library drop down menu. Did around in there.


It is one of the most useful SketchUp windows. It shows you information about whatever you have currently selected in the model and also allows you to alter various parameters (such as name, layer, …) depending on the kind of entity selected. Window->Entity Info on the main menu.


You are right. The bug splats are an issue though…shouldn’t oughta do that!


Maybe. I don’t know. It’s been years and years since I tried to edit the name this way and I can’t remember for sure if I got splats or not.


Thank you for your detailed response!

I wasn’t sure what “The Outliner” is, so I looked it up. Cool tool! I can see all the pieces in a list and click on each one to find out where it’s used. Apparently by right clicking I can change the name, but I won’t on your advice.

The “Entity Info” tool doesn’t give me a list of the components in my component browser, but only the components highlighted in my model. I’m hoping the “component browser” is the correct name.

Components Option box opens when I select it from the “Window” drop down menu, but it doesn’t really allow me to do anything with it. I see this message: “There are no options to choose on this component.”

I avoid special characters where I can. They cause problems in many areas of working with computers. I’m hoping the problem is not related to a special character.



The Entity Info tool can only show full information for an Entity (and allow you to change the name) when you have a single entity selected.

The Component Options box will only show fields that YOU designate (or the author has designated) in the Component Attributes box. It (the Options) box is for display of author chosen information, with optional editing ability, to/by the user of the Component.

Options for displaying fields on the Component Options box is controlled from the field in the Component Attributes box. Select the field, then click on the icon to the right of the field value (it’s appearance varies depending on your SketchUp version). That will pop up a dialog that let’s you decide what the user can see/change in the Component Options box.


Okay, wonderful! This is a bunch of information and I appreciate it! I will save this and refer to it until I have it captured in my memory.
Best Regards,

Andrew Trefethen