Component- no resultant window for naming

When trying to make a component, I get no interface to name the component, etc.

I thought maybe the file was too big, but even when starting a new drawing, i have the same issue.

I am selecting the object and then right clicking for “Make component” but the result is only that the axis are moved to the object and no window comes up to name the component.

The window is probably opening off screen. First try resetting the workspace. Go to Window>Preferences>Workspace and click on Reset Workspace.

If that doesn’t work follow this:

Thanks so much for your quick reply.

The first instruction did not work.

The second gave me an idea that I tried because I was having a problem following your directions.

I turned off one monitor, and sure enough, the window was appearing partially in the lower corner of the second monitor. I hadn’t been able to see it.

I think I’m ok now.

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