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I created various components and for the love of god I can’t figure out why when I pick some of them they get placed in a specific location rather than letting me place them where I need them, I have to keep my left click pressed in order to achieve that, is annoying since it only happens with certain components, has anyone else run into this and found a solution.

Open an offending component for edit and check where its axes are placed. A component has an “insertion point” that determines where your cursor attaches when you drag a new instance into the model. By default it is the model axes origin, but it isn’t necessarily on the component geometry, and that can be quite confusing.

As @slbaumgartner says, component axis…or you may have some of your components set to “glue to”. How about uploading your .skp file so we can see what you are seeing? Drag and drop the file into an open response to this thread.

Thanks for helping, here are couple components that I have created and have those issues
AQUASCAPE BIOFALLS 2500-2.skp (42.8 KB)

Thank you

The pool cover is geo-located. If you add it to another geo-located model, it’ll go to the coordinates you set when you geo-located it.

It’s geo-located to here:

I geo-located a model centered about a block or so away and imported the pool cover component. You can see where it went toward the upper left.

The other one is geo-located, too.

Usually there’s no reason to have components that are geo-located. Best to remove it.

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OMG You guys are the best