Component issue in SketchUp


Can anyone help me with the following issue in SketchUp.
Has anyone ever experienced this problem?

At the moment I want to make a component, nothing happens,
a white arrow in use … but everything is stuck.
I have to push for escape … then I can work back
(without component formatting).

From the dropdown menu,
I can not open my “Settings”.

From the dropdown menu,
I can not open my “Preferences”.


Regarding your forum profile, “interior design” is not a graphics manufacturer and model.
You have not specified an Operating System and version.
Are you still running SketchUp Pro 2015 ?
Is this the version you are having problems with ?


I work with version 2017 - 64bit on Windows 10…


When you installed SketchUp 2017 did you do it in the correct manner ?
You must download the installer exe file, then select its icon [probably in your Downloads folder ?], right-click > context-menu > Run as administrator…
Installing it in any other way can cause various unexpected and inconsistent issues.
As it’s already installed you probably do not need to uninstall and re-install… instead close SketchUp and re-run the installer exactly as explained above, when prompted choose ‘Repair’…
Is SketchUp any better now ?


I have used SketchUp 2017 from the beginning of the year and had no problems before.

9 hours after my issue with
components,I reopen
and have the following bug splat.

I reopen again and all problems
are gone.
I disabled and reenabled
the extension
“Site Publisher”,
NO more problems at this time,

even with my file I was working one.

Friday I was working on a file and
at the
same time I was looking at the
webinair from
Trimble ‘Indoor Mapping’.
Then I install the
extension ‘Site Publisher’.
After a while
I had problems with components
(I could not
work with components again and
could not open
‘Settings’ and‘Preferences’).
Everything was
blocked the minute I hit
‘make component’ or
hit ‘settings and preferences’.

Was the extension the reason?


If you have had a long period of trouble-free use in v2017 and then it suddenly goes weird… immediately after you install an Extension… then there is a good probability that the Extension is to blame in some way…
Giving us such limited initial data is unlikely to reach a satisfactory solution !

Why did you install that particular Extension ?
It was only recently published and it seems related to a special file format [TIMMS ] ?
Which you have not mentioned that you might be using ??

Only ever install Extensions you really need.
Deactivate or uninstall those for which you have no need…


Then please update the information in the 3 computer questions in your forum profile.
Access via the avatar menu, (at top right of forum page,) then click the little :gear: icon.

(And please do not insert all those unneeded line feeds in your posts!)


This is not a proper answer to TIG’s question:


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