Component file not in file folder that opens when Loaded From path name is selected

Using SU Pro 2022
When I select a component in the components tray, then go to Edit, then click on the file folder icon to the right of the path name under Loaded From SU opens a file folder (stored in Dropbox, a cloud storage app.). When I look in the file folder that SU opened or search the file folder, the component is not in the folder. I get the same results if in the open folder I select either In Model or All Files.
What is going on? Where is the component? How do a access a file folder that is storing all the components for a specific model?

If it’s an In Model component and you haven’t said it out into a local collection, there is no folder containing the component. It’s just in the model.

It’s really not wise to work on files saved directly to the cloud. Lots of reports of files becoming corrupted and unrecoverable due to that.

That reference is stored when the component is created, the actual file might be gone. It is not being updated or tracked (check some components from the Warehouse, for instance)
It’s usage is only valuable if one has the discipline to organize their component library (from the beginning) in an orderly way.

Best way is to organise your components in the file-explorer and then open that collection in the component panel through the blue ‘details’ icon.

While opening large working files from cloud locations sometimes give errors (especially when ‘create backup’ is enabled), inserting small components from such a location doesn’t have that much impact for it is only downloading it.

Dave and Mike
Thank you both for your responses. My take-away is that I should store everything on my local hard drive. Since I have full access to 3-D Warehouse and know I can create private model, component, material, etc. files in 3-D Warehouse, do you consider it a good practice to have components, materials, models, etc. stored in the 3D-Warehouse? As an aside for Mike, I turned off ‘Create Backup’ in SU just for the reasons you state. Thanks for confirmation.

On the topic of components, using the cloud may be my problem. I will put my file folders on my local drive. Mike, I very much appreciate your comment about the need for organizational discipline. I have a highly organized and disciplined way of creating a library of files as well as creating Item Numbers (Part Numbers) as I am Fellow of the American Production and Inventory Control Society. While working at Tektronics, one of the several Engineering Services departments I managed was the one that assigns and manages the library of many millions of parts, sub assemblies, and finished goods. Also, I am gifted with a need for neatness and order, a gift from my wonderful parents.

Again, thank you both very much for your information, comments, and terrific suggestions.

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I think the 3D Warehouse and or your Trimble Connect are good places to keep backup copies of your components but I would primarily be working with components stored on your internal drive.

Thanks, Dave
I will do as you recommend.

Here are some updates:

  1. I just updated my profile to show I am a Pro 2022 user.
  2. I moved all my SU files to the my local hard drive from my cloud storage (Dropbox). It cured all the issues related to folders, components, materials, libraries, etc. Now everything works as expected - EXCEPT that I still can not delete a component within a model.
  3. I have looked at all your posts on FWW in the blog and find they are very helpful for a newbie like me. When I installed CutList, I had to downgrade my acceptance of plug-ins to “Approved Unidentified Extensions” in order to load the plug-in.
  4. Do you have a recommendation for a library of woods (alder, oak, cherry, mahogany, maple, etc.) and wood textures that I can download? I don’t mind paying for the downloads. I have done the usual searches and there are quite a few but I can’t tell what is great and what is garbage.