Can I make a storage for components I use all the time

Can I make storage for components I use all the time

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SU has a local folders option, have a look at this;


I guess there are two ways.

First, as mentioned by Guido, creating a local library that stores your components on your computer which only you can have acces to while working on that computer.
PS not sure if you can create a library on an USB stick, so you can take your library with you when needed.

Second, using the 3dwarehouse, creating a library in the cloud, so you can acces them from any computer you are working on.
PS do remember it can also be used by others user that can download from the 3d warehouse.

Maybe there are more options, but i think these are the easiest and most used options.


There is a third way. never liked the small component window, miniatures are small, so you have to rely on a precise naming. and sometimes, it’s not simple.

If you have low-poly elements (not heavy / complex), you could also create a SU file that’ll act as a themed collection.

here is an example, a few years back, I used to do simple photo insertions for solar panels on parking lots.
It was simple,most of the structures were 11 to 18 panels wide. So I modelled all the structures, and put them all side by side in a specific file.
Whenever a new mission arrived, I just had to open it, and copy-paste the ones I needed to the project file.

Then, you don’t need to generate a complex collection, with folders, sub folders, and specific names for everything. You’ll find similar files on the 3d warehouse, files containing lots of elements like this one or that one

Something that people often miss is that a local collection that you create can be accessed via windows explorer or the Mac equivalent.
This means you don’t need to work through the somewhat restrictive Component Browser. You can build a very comprehensive file/folder structure from which you can drag and drop components.