Component 'cut opening' is not on cursor position


One of my students uses SketchUp Pro on a mac.
She has the same problem as in this thread (Component drags in not on cursor position), but here is no solution added.

We were making Components that ‘cut an opening’ in a face. But when she drags the component in the drawing, the component is not on the cursor position, but far away from the cursor. This is very annoying, you can’t work like this with this type of components.

see this picture:
component glue to

What could be the solution? Help!

The component should be attached to the cursor by it’s origin. The origin can be repositioned with Change Axes.

If you can share the component it would be easier to give more precise help.

Thanks for the reply. We checked the origin; the position of the Component Axes were OK.
I ask my student to share the component.

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