Component creation for mass product - double swivel caster



till now I couldnt find the mass product of the double swivel caster, that you can easily buy all over the world but is not yet in Sketchup - Warehouse.

What is the right way to get this product as a sketchup Modell, so that any person in the world, buying this product can easily find it in the warehouse in its own language, englisch - double swivel caster or twin …, german - Doppelrolle …

see description below:

50 mm Apparaterolle Transportrolle Doppelrollen als Lenkrolle TK. 100 kg


Wichtig: Maximale Belastungen und Abmaße, siehe Tabelle

Maximale Belastung: 100KG pro Rolle (4 Rollen-Set = 400KG)
Gehäuse aus verzinktem Stahl, massive Verarbeitung
Die Vollbereifung mit TPE (Thermoplastische Elastomere) ermöglichen einen hohen Rollkomfort und spurloses Abrollen.
Doppelte Kugellagerung im Gabelkopf bei Lenk und Lenkrolle mit Totalfeststeller
Bei Betätigung der Bremse rastet der Totalfeststeller ein und macht das Verdrehen der Rolle unmöglich
Ob eine Werkbank oder ein Werkzeugschrank, “Machen Sie Ihre Werkstatt mobil” mit unseren Markenrollen
Plattengröße 60 x 60 mm
Marke: PRIOstahl
Montage: Die Rollen werden mit handelsüblichen Schrauben an das gewünschte Objekt geschraubt

4 x Doppelrollen, Ausführung je nach Auswahl

4x 50mm TWIN WHEEL CASTORS HOLDS 400Kg STRONG FLEXIBLE 2" Double Swivel Caster

Easy to install, convenient & flexible, abrasion resistance, screws not included.
Package comes with 2 wheels with brake & 2 wheels without brake.
Wheel Type: gray polyurethane, roller bearing.
Load Rating: 400kg (100 kg each).

2 X Twin wheel along with brake.
2 X Twin wheel without brake.
Screws not included.

4pcs 2" Swivel Caster Wheels Double Rolls with Brake Load 400kg Hard Rubber Base


100 kg load capacity per double roller

high contact surface, therefore good driveability even on wet grass

all wheels with metal brake, the whole role is fixed and fixed the beach chair with no scope

protects your beach chair against soil moisture and vermin, since there is no direct contact with the ground

The rollers roll on any surface (wood, pavement, grass, stones, …)


4 pieces castors with brake


  • Rim and housing made of zinc-chromated sheet steel

  • Roller made of semi-elastic solid rubber

  • Wheel bearing roller bearing

  • Double ball race swivel bearing

  • Wheel diameter: 50 mm

  • Wheel width: 17 + 7 mm

  • Total height: 71 mm

  • Mounting plate 60 x 60 mm

  • Screw hole spacing: 46 x 46 mm

  • Load per roller: 100 KG

  • Color gray

    The rolls are also perfect as furniture rolls, equipment rolls, heavy duty castors, so anything that is too heavy to carry suitable.

The furniture wheels are visually appealing, leaving no streaks or streaks on parquet or delicate floors.

In many cases they are also used as rolls for pallet furniture.


If you can’t find it already in the 3D Warehouse, your next option would be to draw it yourself. Or hire someone to draw it for you.


Hello DaveR,
it is not only drawing.
It has to be thought about the right description in the warehouse, so that persons from allover the world will find the product.

What are the language concepts, what the size concepts in the Warehouse. How can one search for rolls with a size of 50mm and a total hight of 71mm.

Are you good in drawing and would you like to draw it, forcibly for you it takes only 10 Minutes?


I’d suggest your best option is to contact all the companies that make all the mass produced objects and ask them to supply all their models with all relevant info in all languages directly to the warehouse.


Perhaps someone could draw it in less then two minutes…but as you said, the main point is the information and that can take a while.
What is your gain?
Are you with a company that sells or produces it?
Have a look here:


Hello Box,
yes indeed this would be the best way.
If every producer would design it in sketchup and if the warehouse calatog would offer categories for different kinds of products.

But is this solution realistic?
When I see the product description on ebay “4pcs 2” Swivel Caster Wheels Double Rolls with Brake Load 400kg Hard Rubber Base" there is no brand, only a vendor in Shen Zhen, China.
So I think there is a producer in China producing for the world market but there is no brand.
I will try to ask exactly this, but I don’ believe that someone will do a sketchup model in China.


Hello MikeWayzovski,

i like sketchup because it makes life easier. I use it just for the creation of a chair for private use as a design object. So there is no interest in paying a lot for a sketch up model.

I need as well other common objects for my chair like palettes, EUR palettes.
I would expect that all mass products should be in the sketchup warehouse.
And the search engine in the warehouse should be as good as at amazon or google or ebay where I can find these products and buy them.

This way the construction of wood furniture would become easier.


So that you can use them for free? In an ideal world, maybe.

It might be a little more than 10 minutes but if you are hiring me to draw the caster, I’ll give it a go. You can inquire about my rates via PM if you’d like.


Hello DaveR,

thank you for your offer to draw it. As I need it for private use and the is no real business case behind, I will not yet order a drawing for money now.

I wrote through ebay contacts to the vendor and asked, If they or the producer can offer a 3D warehouse modell.

But there is still missing a good search engine in the skechup Warehouse.