How to scale a 3D Warehouse object

I have just started to learn the Sketchup Free Online version using a tutorial series I purchased through Udemy.

I am only interested in creating models for very simple woodworking projects.

After learning the basics, I tried modeling a simple dolly.
When I went to the Sketchup 3D warehouse to find a 2.5" caster, there were no specific sizes.
I downloaded a caster type that fit what I wanted, but the size is wrong.
I don’t know how to get the size of the caster to 2.5" and all the surrounding components to fit in with this scale as well.

The size of the downloaded caster is something over 4".

The right moment to learn to model it yourself, instead of downloading a model that can be high-poly or poorly created.

Basics of SketchUp at

  • just as an idea of modeling a low-poly model

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Sounds as though you might have used the Text tool, not the 3D Text tool.

The former kind of text always faces the viewer, so it appears to change position as you orbit the model.

The latter is fixed in space.

Ok. I tried again from fresh and it worked. When I did the first one, I missed seeing the 3D Text tool and I did try using the 2D tool. Somehow, it seemed to have effected the 3D tool when I changed over, I guess The fresh start worked. Thank you for your help and the information on the Text tools.

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