Furniture - components for common products



On the market there are mass products that can be bought at ebay or amazon or in a building center.

E.g. i found a double roll for funiture on ebay. It is a mass product at the hight of 71mm or a palette.
It would be usefull for me to find these mass products in the Warehouse.


If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always make the components yourself. Or hire someone to make them for you.


There is a pretty wide assortment of hardware and furniture models in the 3D warehouse, though you sometimes have to phrase your search carefully to find what you want. But be warned: many of these models are way too detailed to be practical as a small part of a SketchUp model! Always download to a separate file and examine them in model info to see whether they have an acceptable number of edges and faces.