Component box too big

Hi all,
I am trying to make the box of the component smaller, but I don’t know how.

You need to adjust the axis of the leaf component.

Hi Box, could you give somewhat more explanation?

As a guess.
The tree is obviously made up of a bunch of nested components for the leaves. Whoever created it didn’t set the origin of the leaves properly so each one has an oversized bounding box, which is creating the oversize bounding box for the tree itself.
Resetting the axis/origin of the leaf component would reduce the bounding box of the tree.

If you upload the link to the tree (I am guessing 3D Warehouse)
some of us might have a look at it.

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For an asset like this, there is far to many nested levels in the component. While ‘handy’ when making the tree with all the nested elements, (tree,branch,smaller branch, leave etc.) Once completed, this level is not necessary any more.
Explode to a managable level or all the way in a seperate flle will do the trick:

Fraxinus penn - Green Ash (summer).skp (1.2 MB)

Thank you so much!
If I try to reload all my tree symbols which are of the same size, the size changes…09

Swapping components may involve a scale difference, you can right click context menu, after making unique if required, scale definition. This will assure the proxy is 1:1 scale assuming the replacement is also 1:1.
You can use this scaling thing to your advantage, in that objects will scale up or down in a swap, however if you want to have greater control, then double wrap the component to shield from the new environment. You can then choose which attributes you wish to change. for the tree, it can take the x,y size from the proxy and a calculation on the height.
I took the component that mike rectified, exploded to remove the non-working reference, made a component twice with the axis at the original, then added attributes

if you right click and saveas to your designated forlder, then swaping it with any proxy that has its size attributes exposed, will match the proxy lenx,leny and in this case size to 1.5 times lenX, or course you could add your own formula or height option.

Fraxinus penn Green Ash summer.skp (636.7 KB)

note, at least these attributes need to be exposed in the proxy