Component color fight

I am trying to just adjust the leaves and trunk color between the two different versions. I want most of them to have the darker trunk with yellow leaves but those two to have the lighter trunk with green leaves. I have tried:
Made the full tree unique,
moved them to another file adjusted them and moved them back,
Saved them in the new file with the right colors as a new component,
renamed the main component and all the components within
Made a set of leaf clumps unique

And every time I paste it back into the main file the leaves are still green. If I take one of the yellow ones and bring it into a green file the leaves will be green. I avoid using components as much as possible for this reason. What am I missing?

TreeProblemes.skp (1.0 MB)

It si possible, but there is a LOT of nesting in this file. You have different versions of components for branches each with copies of other components inside. To prevent them from referencing other versions, each components at each level needs to be made unique. It can be done, though…

I believe there used to be an Extension called Make All Unique that would do that with one click. I don’t have time to hunt it down right now, but that might be worth looking into.

This is a component I got on the Wearhouse. I also am not a fan of the extreme nesting. I will look into it but when I made one clump unique all the way down it did not change the outcome so I gave up that thought process. Also why would saving it a a new component separate from the other not fix this problem?

PS: Here is that extension if anyone comes to this later and is looking for it.
Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

I’m not sure if this will successfully solve your problem, but I’ve found Material Replacer very helpful at changing the colors within components.

FlexTools includes the ability to make unique deep in nesting, but I think Aaron’s right, there may be another one too.

Deep Make Unique worked. Thanks.