Component author's name

How do we find the model author’s name of the models in your components list that were imported from the Warehouse? I downloaded a lift to use in my high-rise.

It’s not in “Entity Info” or “Model Info”. I would like to give credit when I upload the model I made that I used some of other people’s components.

PS. Also, where does Sketchup put our skp files? I would like to save (backup) them from time to time, just in case.

If you open the Components panel and click on the house icon to show the In Model components, you should see the author’s name.

The web versions normally save the files into your Trimble Connect account. You can download a copy of the file by clicking on the file folder icon and save that copy to your computer.

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There are three regions with their own servers:

America, Europe and Asia / South Pacific

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