Component Attributes Disappear!



Hi Guys,
I’m new to component advanced attributes and report generation, and I’m having a problem with the attribute data showing up in files.
I’m creating a standard library of parts and sub-parts in separate skp files that link together and will be inserted into a master file to create an assembly.
I want the finished assembly to be able to show the price of all the parts so I’ve set a price in the advanced attributes for the components in each part file.

When I insert them into the master assembly file and generate a report, only the level 1 price data of each component shows up. The prices of all the parts and sub-parts show zero.

I’ve tried to save & reload the part files repeatedly but can’t get the nested attribute data to transfer across to the master assembly.

Note that the report lists all component parts correctly, just doesn’t show the price data below level 2 (which is level 1 in the component file).

I’m not sure if I’m missing a simple switch or setting somewhere. Hope someone can help.


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