Sub Components not appearing in attribute list

I have a component made from a few sub components which in turn are made up of multiple 2nd level components. For exqample I have a door componenet made up of a doorframe subcomponent a fronttrim sub component, a back trim sub component, and a doorpanel subcomponent. These are each made up of a frew sub components in themselves. For example the frame component is made up of 2 vertical frame members (each a board) and a horizontal top frame member. But in the attribute list I get the main component and the first level components only. I cannot go into the attributes of the second level components attributes. See example image below

I think the Component Attributes window shows only the selected component and all contained components - but only the first level of inclusion.

To show lower level, select the line in the Outliner - then it will show that component’s attributes and the attributes of the next level down.

So how do I use a value retrieve4d fron the main component in a formula for one of the 2nd level sub components I am retrieving the frame thickness in the main components attributes and need to use that to calculate the size and position of the frame components.

When referring to another attribute in a formula, the general form is !

If you are referring to another attribute in the same component, you specify only . There IS a shorthand for attributes that enclose the current attribute:
parent! - refers to the parent of the current attribute.

I find parent! quite useful because it doesn’t break if you change the name of the enclosing component.

If you’re going down two levels, there is no “grandparent”, and I don’t know if “parent!parent!” works. Instead, i’ll include an attribute in the intermediate component set to "parent! - all so I can refer use parent! in the 3rd level component.

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