Smart attributes like parent!

In SketchUp’s dynamic components, we use parent! to take the information from top to bottom. I need to take the information from the bottom up, is there anything similar to the parent!?

Unfortuneatly this is not possible with dynamic components. The child can see up to the parent, but not the other way, additionally children cannot see other children

It’s because a child can only have one parent and a parent can have many kids:)
Kids are smart these days, they will probably tell their sibblings first, and not inform their parents…


@pcmoor – you suggested in another post it was possible for child components which are not part of the parent to communicate? and a component could also get attributes from the file attributes?

what are the addressing steps needed? we have [PARENT]!attribute or [NAMEOFPARENT]!atttribute, and for children of the component, we can cross reference those [CHILDNAME]!attribute, but not sure how to access the file level attributes in a DC or cross DC references.

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Hi Glenn,

no generic terms but directly
[CHILDNAME]!attribute is the way to address other DCs
consider components as mini files within a parent file

Its important to use the name attribute, otherwise the instance when used will overwrite the DC title, this can work for a while, but most likely the connection will be lost due to further DC amendments.


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thanks! one caveat - if the name of the component is the same as the definition, then it’s possible to get errors - so ensuring the name is unique and different from the definition and it seems to work nicely.

i could not get a PARENT! syntax though to retrieve a global value in the project file. so maybe i’m placing the attribute in the wrong dictionary or PARENT isn’t the name for the project level attributes.

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I had to recall my previous, the templates has children “client” , “data”…and the inserted DCs reference them, however these can reference the parent when made visible and retain the information when the file is reopened

So global can be retained by previous reference

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