Controling different components

Is it possible to controll one component with another one?
Or in other words. Is it possible to adress one component from another one? like parent! or something else?

Thank you

Yes exactly. You may nest DCs inside other DCs.

In a child DC it’s “LenX” attribute could have
so as to make it one quarter the width of the parent.

You can also refer to other DCs by name attribute.

@DanRathbun (or others) will certainly correct me if I’m wrong here:

One caveat: Any reference to the attributes of other DCs must be to DCs within the same outer component container.

IOW, if you want to reference an attribute of a component that is a completely different component, you’re out of luck.

@sjdorst Yes, Steve I agree with that.

And as always, for the “gospel truth”, refer to the:

which says:
Use an exclamation point (!) to refer to a value outside of the current subcomponent. For example, Fence!spacing refers to the value of the spacing variable in the Fence component.

Example Tutorial Components in the 3DW: