Dynamic Components - all user-defined options to top level?

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Just getting started with dynamic components. DynComp user options.skp (391.8 KB) Can someone direct me to a tutorial that will show me how to create a dynamic component in which the overall component size is based on a nested subcomponent? I’ve attached a simplified object that explains what I want: I want the inner component to define the overall size of the greater component at the top level. I don’t want to have to click down into the component to set those values.

you can’t. DC works best from top to bottom level. You can refer to Parent, but not to ‘Child’. Start with @TheOnlyAaron series:

there are 8, I think

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Rats! I did go through every video in the series, and hoped that I’d discover the secret. Thanks!

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There is no secret. If you want to see options of a lower level component, you need to ‘drill down’ the hierarchy, or add the attributes to the highest level, and have the lower level components refer to them eg.’=PARENT!AttributeName’