Component and Purge

I want to stop the application from purging components. The students are purging accidently.

This sounds like a training thing. When are they purging unused components accidentally?

There has to be a way I can stop the application from purging. Also, it does it to me as well when I go into the students work and fix an error and save it. It deletes all the other components that are off the screen.

If it’s purging components they would be unused components. That is, they would not be used in the model space. Components that are in the model space but outside of the visible area should not be purged.

Perhaps it’s different in SketchUp for Schools but the other web-based versions as well as the desktop version don’t automatically purge unused components when a Save is performed. @marwanobeidat might be able to confirm that. SketchUp Go does provide a user setting for that.

You are absolutly right. I understand the reason for purge. However, I have the students set up the measuring lines and make each part separately. Once they make the component I have them take it off the screen. After they have all the components made I have them assemble it. So… If they dont have the components on the screen they delete when they save if they accidently purge them. I dont want to stretch this out but I need to shut the purge off so it wil not delete the components on the screen. There was a time that I noticed a switch to turn it off and now I cannot find it.

Look in App Settings>General. Do you see an option for that?

What are the students modeling? Although modeling the parts separately and then assembling them makes good practice for using Move and Rotate, it’s not an efficient way to create the model. If they absolutely must model the parts separately and then assemble the model from the components, teach them to give the components tags and turn off the visibility of those tags as they go. Since the components will still be in the model space there’s no risk of purging them. At the very least that’s something that is immediately available.