How to identify unused components in Sketchup Go (Web)


Is there a way of identifying unused components is Sketchup Go (Web). I’m being prompted to purge components on Save and would like to know what I’m about to purge.


Look at the In Model component and compare the components there with the ones in the model. Instead of purging as you save, maybe purge before you save and then use Save as… to save a purged version so you can compare it with the original one to make sure you didn’t lose something you actually want to keep.

Please update your forum profile. It shows two different versions of SketchUp.

I thought I’d seen somewhere that you could select all instances of a component, but I can’t find it anymore. Am I mistaken?
As far as my profile is concerned, I tried updating it, but Sketchup Go does not appear on the dropdown list.

Use SketchUp Shop. Hopefully they’ll change that soon.