Complex slicing of a helix


I wonder if anyone knows of a way to remove the circular faces of this model while leaving slots in the uprights in some sort of automated or global way?

I can do it with section planes and Zorro2, but it takes multiple slices per upright and still leaves me with the slots filled in. I also tried Eneroth Slicer, but it crashes with so many faces.

What I’m trying to do is go from this:

To a set of uprights only, which look like this:

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CSL-extra-coil-10-2-1.skp (14.7 MB)

If the geometry of all your uprights were in a single solid component or group and helix is another single solid group or component, Subtract from the Solid Tools, Eneroth Solid Tools, or BoolTools 2 should be able to create the notches in a single process.

I made an example.

I would suggest skipping the use of materials in your model that you are setting up for 3D printing. They will just slow things down.


@DaveR, you are the man!

It took about 7 minutes to perform, but worked like a champ.

Thanks for the tip about the textures. Will do.

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(Sorry some reason, the gif file size limitet to 5MB - istened of 10 previously - so the quality is reduced too… :frowning: )

Then you can use Rotate tool to make an array of the new component.

Nice, but in this case, each upright is unique due to the slots being a spiral.

This part is called the “Extra coil”:

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Ups… I didn’t notice that… :blush:

Please post a picture of whatever it is you’re building while it is running after you complete it!

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